Union Community Bank Address
Po Box 567
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Union Community Bank Phone Number

Union Community Bank of Pennsylvania - Routing Number

Old Routing Number: 31309068
The routing number for Union Community Bank in Pennsylvania is used on Union Community Bank checks and for direct deposits and wire transfers.
Bank Name: P
Chartered By: P
FDIC Certificate: #P
Return On Assets: P%
Return On Equity: P%
Established: P
Data Updated: P
FDIC Insured: No
Insured Savings Institution: No
Insured Commercial Bank: No

Union Community Bank is a bank located in Pennsylvania, and has P branches and offices. Union Community Bank is classified as

Union Community Bank holds a total of $P in assets, of which $P are deposits in the savings and checking accounts offered by the bank.

How to use the Union Community Bank Routing Number

Routing number on sample check

Union Community Bank's routing number is the eight or nine-digit number found on the bottom left hand side of Union Community Bank checks, next to your checking account number and check number.

In the sample check on the left, the routing number is circled in red. Your checks may have a slightly different layout.

Your routing number is used like a bank's address, to ensure that financial transactions (like checks and direct deposits) get sent to the correct banking institution. You will need to know the Union Community Bank Routing Number when setting up direct deposit with your employer, receiving direct-deposit benefits or tax refunds from the U.S. Government, or requesting a direct bank wire payment to your bank account.

Unlike your Union Community Bank Bank Account Number, the Union Community Bank Routing Number is the same for all Union Community Bank accounts. If you have both your checking and savings accounts with Union Community Bank, for example, they will both use the same routing number, 31309068.